why made on purpose?

Reflecting on the many difficulties that I experienced in my life through loss, including that of my father, my many successes and positive outcomes, birthed the realisation that they were all, good and bad, vital and important parts of my life. I also understood that my achievements, in spite of what I had been through, gave me a story that, if shared, could help others to overcome their own negative and painful experiences and fulfil their own potential. I am Angela Herbert.

I believe that each one of us has a story that demonstrates our individuality and uniqueness, strength and resilience in different ways. I want to spread that message and encourage girls and women in particular that we are all designed especially for a particular reason – like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle, we are all Made on Purpose.


Made on Purpose aids others to consider their lived experiences as resources and stepping-stones to fulfil their unique life purpose. This is achieved through coaching, mentoring, training, public motivational speaking, written materials, webinars, podcasts, philanthropic activities, and charitable giving.

the gift

100% of profits from sales of the Another day to be… range of products will be donated to identified charities in the UK, overseen by administrators in esteemed office. I am humbled that these individuals are volunteering their time to pass on financial gifts to beneficiaries on my behalf.

I will provide updates on how Made on Purpose profits derived from sales of the Another day to be… range of products, support individuals and groups. The gift from Made on Purpose is designed to inspire hope and possibilities that fast track the recipient from ‘here’ to ‘there’, wherever is their aspiration.


You will be contributing to the life of a girl or young woman, who like me could have benefited from just a little support or encouragement on the journey to attaining their purpose.

You will be instrumental in supporting a girl or young woman who became a mother; not because it was planned but because she was abused. Or perhaps in some way, contributing to her aspirations and may support her academic journey by providing monetary gifts.

You will be a part of a community that is levelling opportunities for girls and women across the country.

…so partner with me on this journey of creative and impactful change.


Made on Purpose ‘Another day to be…’ range of services provides virtual affirmation sessions, delivered by me, Angela Herbert. So contact me. I will share my experiences, knowledge and expertise to ensure that each delegate recognises that they were uniquely Made on Purpose, for a purpose.

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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial 1

The affirmations written by Angela entitled Another day to be… are inspirational. In life we go through different kinds of challenges every single day; at least some of us do, and these words – these affirmations lift you up and give you a sense of purpose; they encourage you to never give up. They are indeed ‘made for purpose’.

Gisela Abbam

Non-Executive Director of a number
of Boards and Global Goodwill Ambassador

Testimonial 2

I have my Another day to be… pride of place on my desk because it allows me to be transported each day as I turn the page to a place of intrigue. A perfect distraction from the demands of family and work life. The insights jump off the page in the most magnificent way; at times it’s thought provoking affirmations, others are spiritually grounded, some fun, some sad, some happy- but all from a place of profound wisdom, love and reflection. This is the perfect gift for people you care about. I have a small stash I give away sparingly to my nearest and dearest as gifts from my heart.

Dr Andrea Charles Fidelis

Project Delivery Lead,
Ministry of Justice

Testimonial 3

This book is truly inspirational and has been so thought provoking that is has completely changed my approach. So many powerful messages throughout have really made me stand up and think ‘Wow’, that is so true! It has reminded me what’s already within me and has just brought it out of me. I feel more confident, inspired and loved.

Timothy Lloyd

Officer Commanding Crewe
Sqn. Flight Lieutenant RAFAC

Testimonial 4

‘Another day to be …’ by Angela Herbert is a desktop book that has 100 pages of re-affirming messages. Although this type of publication is common, what is exceptional about Angela’s volume is the style of narrative. It does not feel like a set of instructions as many of these books do – it actually feels like someone who cares is talking directly to you. It’s rather like having your own personal life coach on hand to give support and promote positivity.

Stewart Harrington –

Partnerships Manager, HMPPS

Testimonial 5

Thank you Dr Herbert for this amazing gift. I take it with me everywhere. Simple yet really powerful. I am encouraged.