About Made on Purpose


Reflecting on the many difficulties that I experienced in my life through loss, including that of my father, my many successes and positive outcomes, birthed the realisation that they were all, good and bad, vital and important parts of my life. I also understood that my achievements, in spite of what I had been through, gave me a story that, if shared, could help others to overcome their own negative and painful experiences and fulfil their own potential. I am Angela Herbert.

I believe that each one of us has a story that demonstrates our individualityn and uniqueness, strength and resilience in different ways. I want to spread that message and encourage girls and women in particular that we are all designed especially for a particular reason – like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle, we are all Made on Purpose.

To share a gift of practical support to girls and women I created a series of affirmations driven by my life experiences which I published called Another day to be… 100 re-affirmations to inspire. This beautiful A6 book sits on a triangular stand and will take pride of place on any desk; bedside table; work-station; kitchen or living room – where you can read daily and meditate on the contents of the unique quotes on each page.